About Us

Our classroom environment is friendly and modern. We use state of the art computer technology to aid your childs learning experience. Our programmes are designed by teachers to engage and challenge your child in a way that is rewarding and at the same time fun.

We use a variety of teaching resources to help keep your child interested in learning. We also believe that parents are an integral part of the learning process and we endeavor to keep you well informed of your child’s progress.

Our tutors make sure that your child enjoys the learning process here at Kip McGrath Mapperley. After all, learning should be fun! Each tutor is a fully qualified school teacher and is specially trained to bring out the best in pupils. Their goal is to provide an atmosphere that improves your child’s confidence, making learning an engaging process and helping them fulfill their full potential. Class sizes are kept deliberately small so that each pupil recieves the maximum amount of individual tuition.


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